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"Throughout her time working at Mercy Home, Christine has been an integral part of many projects to share the story about our organization and the community we serve. As the in-house video producer, Christine has pushed this 130-year-old organization into new methods of storytelling and brand awareness. By creating media from the most basic rough cuts to months-long projects, she has been able to capture the life of the kids in residence, of our co-workers, and partners in ways that we had not thought of before. As a complement to her video skills, Christine has taken the lead in managing Mercy Home’s social media accounts and has grown all our accounts considerably."

Joe Hallissey, Associate Director of Marketing at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

"At Letterman, Christine and I both worked on the 14h floor of the Ed Sullivan theater working for the writing staff. It was there I got to know Christine and learn about her drive, passion, and her interests in music, media, television, and helping others. This internship was highly coveted and awarded to only the best media students, and I credit Christine’s hard work ethic and passion for her admission to the program. Since that time, I have enjoyed watching Christine grow as a video producer/story teller, and encourage her to continue her pursuit of bringing high-quality video and digital media to the non-profit sector."

Tyler Edic, Owner at Crate Marketing

"Christine showed a real passion and talent for all things video. She produced a variety of video projects, which ranged from short attention­ grabbing snippets for social media to long ­form storytelling to market our mentoring program. She completed all aspects of pre­ and post­ production, including developing storyboards, filming, and editing. Christine was wonderful to work with on a daily basis and long ­term projects. She is timely, responsible, and forward­ thinking. She works well on deadlines and is respectful of timelines and the schedules of others. She got along with everyone in the office and adapted well to working with a variety of people and types of projects."

Erin Ash, Sr. Marketing Specialist at World Vision

"Christine was a wonderful addition to our team. She exhibited great strength in administration and office management. She was available and willing to assist when needed, no matter what the task, and showed maturity in the manner in which she responded. Christine has a great interest for the industry, going above her administrative role,seeking every opportunity to learn. She has a true passion for creative work within a collaborative environment. It was a pleasure working with Christine and I highly recommend her."

Billie McCormick, Operations Manager at Whitehouse Post Productions

“On behalf of the Late Show with David Letterman, it's my pleasure to highly recommend Christine Nikolich. During Christine’s time as Writers’ Production Intern she distinguished herself as intelligent, capable and a motivated leader who was an outstanding representative of her school. She is smart yet also has great common sense. I asked her to be a part of a skit, then told her and several others what was supposed to happen in it. Leading up to the live taping, I needed to be elsewhere -- during this time, Christine noticed a potential problem that would not only ruin the bit, but could also throw off the taping of our entire show. She immediately called and alerted me to the issue allowing us to fix it in time.  Her quick thinking and observation of the situation saved us all from a real crisis. Skills like these are something you cannot teach. As a young woman with extraordinary ability and promise, I am certain that she will continue her high levels of creativity, organization and attention to detail in her future endeavors.”

Amy Deiboldt, Writers’ Segment Producer at Late Show with David Letterman

“ Christine is very personable, professional, gracious with clients and supportive to crew members. She is a very good Writer/Producer/Video Photographer and Editor. I've worked with Christine on multiple projects, from legal documentaries to corporate branding and fundraising videos. She's very detail oriented and works very well as a leader of a project or as part of a crew. She would make a positive impact to any organization. “

Jim Demas, President at Spi-TV Media Group

“Christine is outstanding at her work as a filmmaker, videographer, and editor. She is a dedicated, hard worker who exceeds in her field. Christine always showed leadership as well as team skills in her role as Videographer. She is always on time, very friendly and has a great attitude, always dressed appropriately, the first to volunteer for everything, a great conversationalist, and overall, very dedicated to becoming the best filmmaker possible. I certainly recommend Christine as a great team worker, and exceptional videographer. I am glad to have her as a part of our team.”

Dan Mott, Video Production Director at Shaw Media

“I have a had a close working relationship with Christine Nikolich at Shaw Media. She works alongside me as a videographer and her skills in video editing, videography, motion graphics and script writing never fail to amaze. Her ability to take charge of a video, from the moment she leaves for a shoot to the moment she has the finished product, is one of her best qualities. Her confidence and determination is truly admirable. Christine's dedication to her work is something I believe sets her apart from others.”

Jason Pfrommer, Multimedia Producer at Arkadin

“Christine is a talented and ambitious individual, who is both passionate and smart when it comes to filmmaking. She goes the extra mile to draw excellent performances out of actors, and has a keen sense for cinema. I would recommend her for any job in the production industry.”

Morgan Stehr, Video Editor at RightThisMinute

“I had the pleasure of working with Christine Nikolich and it was a wonderful experience. She’s a very talented and pleasant young lady, is eager to learn as much as she can about the the film industry and be the best filmmaker possible. She was the first to volunteer for everything, is always on time met deadlines, never questioned my authority and produced great quality work.”

Aaron Mitchell, Owner at Capture Hour Productions, LLC


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